TLC’s Extreme Couponing Not Reality

My view on Extreme Couponing Television show versus couponing in real life.

Would you like to spend $1,000 dollars in groceries and only pay $5.00?? I should not even have to ask that question. Of course you would, who wouldn’t? I personally could never do that since I havesuch nerve issues. I start freaking out when my total goes over $50.00. I know I have the coupons to make that number decrease but it still scares me! Can you imagine if I was watching my grocery bill total up to the thousands?? I would have passed out on the floor by $500. 

This TV show glorifies couponing and I find it quite silly. Everyone is couponing now! I got stopped in Publix earlier today by a lady who asked if I was one of those “couponers”, I looked at my coupon binder and then my box of coupons and then back up to her and said, “ I guess I am”, she was almost excited to meet me. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “ Am I a celebrity now that I am couponing more openly?” I felt a little special and important.I enjoyed that feeling so I acted like the big time blogger that I only wish to become and gave her my blog address. I see why these people on the TV Show go all out. They just want to feel special, even if it is just for 15 minutes!

That show does not make me want to do what they do at all. The one thing people don’t understand is how much money these people spend on coupon clipping services and newspapers to get the coupons. When you look at how much they spent on all of the newspapers, clippings and food it makes you wonder if they saved less than 50%. It just does not seem realistic for someone to buy 70 bottles of mustard. I mean seriously that would last  past her lifetime, especially since NONE OF HER FAMILY EAT MUSTARD!!

Ok I know these people did this as a way to increase TLC’s ratings and that’s all good but please, please, please people stop thinking if you become a couponer you will be able to do it like these people on TV! It is not a couponers reality. Coupon for your actual needs, not for show!

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