Star Trek TNG on Blueray – a Review of The Sampler

My review of the "The Next Level" sample disc.

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Ever since Star Trek The Original Series was remastered and released in HD fans have been speculating if TNG could get the same treatment. Opinions ranged from “can´t be done” to “possible but won´t happen”. Well, it did happen.

What TNG-R is not

The mission statement for TNG-R is entirely different then with TOS-R. For TOS all effects had to be recreated in CGI and production errors have been fixed. For TNG-R the team at CBS decided to keep what was there to begin with as much as possible. That does not mean there are no CGI replacements, but those are very faithfull to the source material.

The remastering process

TNG was filmed on film, including the model work. The effects shots were then combined with the live action via video. Luckily all film material had been archived. CBSs remastering team had to scan the filmed elements and put them back together.

Whats on the sampler

The sampler disc includes the pilot episode, “Sins of the father” and “The Inner Light”. There are no extras but a short trailer for the TNG Season 1 blue ray set.


Picture quality is crisp and clear. You will see details that have never been visible before. The colors are vibrant and as balanced as never before. There is some film grain, which is actually a feature of the film material itself and not an error of the blue ray. But you won´t notice the grain at all unless you kneel in front of your TV and look for it. The aspect ratio is 4:3, as the show was framed for this ratio.


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The english audio is available as 7.1 DTS Master Audio, all other languages are either stereo or mono. The audio seems to have been cleaned up carefully without any cleaning artifacts.


Even if you don´t plan to buy the whole seasons of TNG-R, have a look at this sampler.

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