DVD Review Doctor Who The Time Warrior

It is obvious almost immediately that this excellent Doctor Who adventure was penned by Robert Holmes.

The Time Warrior is one of the last adventures starring Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor and was also the first one with Elizabeth Sladen portraying fiery journalist Sarah Jane Smith.

The Doctor is asked by UNIT to investigate the strange disappearances of scientists from a secret research lab, which Sarah Jane Smith is also investigating. She suspects that the Doctor might be responsible for the vanishing scientists.

When Professor Rubeish is the latest victim of the kidnapping alien the Doctor tracks him to 13th century England. The Doctor had a stowaway on board the TARDIS, Sarah Jane.

She mistakenly believes that the Doctor is behind the kidnappings and she takes convincing that he is not in league with the thuggish Gingron, or Linx the Sontaran commander trapped on Earth. It is really funny when Sarah Jane believes that she is in a theme rather than in the past.

Linx forces the kidnapped scientists to repair his spaceship whilst supplying Gingron guns to defeat the local nobleman yet fails to do so thanks to the Doctor.

There are some amusing moments such as when the Doctor knocks out sentries. Sharp eyed viewers will spot June Brown before she became Dot Cotton in soap opera EastEnders.

Liked it
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