Fil-am Teen Gerald Anderson as Tiyagong Akyat: A Review

The first series of legendary sine-novela of former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr.

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It is very flattering for Gerald Anderson that he will portray the re-make of fantasy series movie turned into fantasy series soap opera, which is formerly portrayed by the former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr.  For the added trivia, former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. won the recognition as FAMAS best actor in 1973 for that movie. It really pays the tribute for the legendary amulet king when Gerald Anderson and the other casts made their performance to the higher level and hit the top ratings.

On the other hand, since Kim Chiu would not play the love interest of Tiyagong Akyat, Erich Gonzales was given that role.  Then, it is followed by Maxene Eigenmenn, who is later joined the casts.  Jason Abalos who portrayed the evil nemesis Vincent Fajardo also did his acting performance best.  He is also portrayng a role in a soap opera Kambal sa Uma.

The amulet of Tiyago is called Pangil ng Kidlat. This amulet he received from the former caretaker makes him invincible.  But, he promised himself to do good, which is also his responsible as a caretaker of the amulet.  As he achieved his power from his amulet, Tiyago experience his ups and downs.  Later, he discovered who his real friends are.

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