General Hospital in Jeopardy of Going Off Air?


General Hospital in Jeopardy of going off air? Hoping that General Hospital will not be going off the air. ABC has signed Katie Couric and her show is supposed to take General Hospital’s time slot. ABC says that they are going to continue to support General Hospital what that means I am not sure. They have not yet cancelled General Hospital.

There are many options yet I guess and it is still undetermined what will happen to the soap opera. There is no reason to cancel it in my opinion. Both All My Children which is going off in September of this year and One Life to Live is going off January 2012 have already been cancelled for talk shows. We don’t need no more talk shows there is enough of that on already in my opinion.

There are a few scenarios as far as General Hospital is concerned. One of the talk shows that are replacing AMC and OLTL could flop and General Hospital could take their spot. Another option is one of talk shows could be cut down to a half hour and General Hospital could turn into a half hour. Or General Hospital will be cancelled. Don’t know what will happen yet but hope they don’t take another soap opera off.

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  1. redmail99 says:

    thanks for the info…

  2. mphsglo says:

    Well, I think it is inevitable. ABC is messing up, but, they’ll see. I already only have two reasons to even bother with them – AMC & OLTL. I don’t even watch talk shows, they kinda fall along the lines of judge shows for me.

  3. abah animasi says:

    well, life must go on..
    so keep going..

  4. sanaahmed says:

    well sharing

  5. KittyK says:

    It was my understanding that Katie Couric was to replace the time slot left vacant by Oprah Winfrey…time will tell.

  6. red says:

    The Chew should go to Food Network, I hate that show. Bring back All My Children,and leave OLTL and General Hospital alone.

  7. Kacie boehner says:

    i think the chew is stupid all my children should come back talk shows should have there own tv station

  8. Sandra Montoya says:

    Please bring back All My Children and One Life to Live and keep General Hospital. The Chew is dumb.

  9. Amanda says:

    General hospital needs to not go, if they cancel general I will not be watching anything on those channels anymore. Biggest mistake they could make, a talk show is like a commercial… you turn the channel or fast forward through it!

  10. Barbara says:

    Please do not take General Hospital off the air we have been watching G.H. for 48 years. Its the only day time show I enjoy we have to many talk shows now, shows like reality and singing,and dancing let us have 1or two of day time sereals. Days of our life is good also .

  11. Victoria says:

    I really do hope GH is NOT cancelled. I grew up with GH and although it might sound silly to some people, they are my Daytime TV Family, and I will be really upset if it is cancelled! I will be one of those unhappy people that will DEFINITELY boycott anything in GH’s time slot!!

  12. Cathy says:

    I grew up with General Hospital and I still enjoy the program. I think that if the ABC Network keeps taking soaps off the air they will end up losing in the long run. We do not need more talk shows. All they do is make people upset and Springer is the one that needs to leave with the crap of “who is your babies daddy”. Now that is total crap!

  13. Debbie Stafford says:

    LEAVE THE SOAPS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING BACK AMC AND OLTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  14. Linda C says:



  15. dot says:

    stop taking our soaps away i don’t like all these talk shows and food shows they are stupid.

  16. Carolee WATSON says:

    Will you please bring AMC and OLTL back. The CHEW is not that interesting. Very boring to watch. The stories on the soaps give people something else to look forward to day in and out. I’ve spent almost 50 years watching these stories continue and I miss them terribly. I don’t even watch TV in the afternoon anymore…Please Please bring them back

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