General Hospital Jason and Sam Get Paternity Results


General Hospital Jason And Sam Get Paternity Results. Sam has been very nervous about who could be the father of the baby that she is carrying. She is very much hoping that it is Jason’s baby and not Franco’s baby. Jason and Sam really want a baby of their own.

Sam got the phone call today that the paternity results are now in and they will get the results tomorrow from the doctor. So will it be Jason’s baby? I think it will be his baby but I am just guessing but hope they can get their happy ending that they have so wanted for so long.

Tomorrow they are suppoused to know the truth about the much anticipated baby. Hoping that it is Jason’s baby and they can have their baby together they so very want. Tune in tomorrow to see what happens. This soap is really great and if you have never watched you should try it really is a wonderful soap opera.

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  1. mphsglo says:

    I don’t know these people. :( I miss GL & AMC.

  2. Eunike says:

    Interesting conflict

  3. Linvio says:

    Interesting… is this a soap opera?

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