General Hospital Kirsten Storm Sick


General Hospital Kirsten Storm Sick. Kirsten Storm who plays Maxie Jones on General Hospital is sick. The show has not announced what she is sick with but will be out of work for about a month or two. Kirsten will be recast on the show while she is sick.

Maxie has been with General Hospital since 2005. She has appeared on General Hospital and also on the other General Hospital show called General Hospital Night Shift. Before coming to General Hospital in 2005 she was on Days Of Our Lives as Isabella “Belle” Black from 1999 to 2004.

Jen Lilley will be the one that is going to take Kirsten Storm’s place while she is sick. Jen is set to start work as Maxie’s recast until she comes back from being sick. Jen is set to start airing on September 28th. Hoping Kirsten makes a speedy recovery and comes back to General Hospital quickly. Get better soon Kirsten.

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