General Hospital Robin Dies Very Tragic


General Hospital Robin Dies Very Tragic. Robin was in the lab trying to save Jason when Maxie’s purse got stuck on the gas and she accidentally turned it on with her purse strap I believe. So Patrick went looking for Robin and passed out on the floor. Robin saved him and took him outside the lab but Robin ran back in to get Jason’s cure.

She got locked in the lab but gave Patrick the cure for Jason. Patrick tried desperately to save Robin but she was locked in the lab and the lab exploded. Patrick was so distraught and tried everything to save her but he couldn’t. The firemen came and wouldn’t let Patrick in and the firemen gave Patrick the rings that were on Robin’s hand and told him that he could not see her and she was burned and not recognizable which left Patrick absolutely devastated.

Patrick had to tell Anna who is Robin’s mom and he didn’t even have the words to tell her he was so upset with losing his wife. So Robin died very tragically trying to save Jason who she was great friends with.

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