General Hospital Sam is Pregnant Who is The Daddy?


General Hospital Sam Is Pregnant Who Is The Daddy? On General Hospital soon Sam is going to find out that she is indeed pregnant. She had some fertility problems previously and had an operation to be able to have a baby is she wants and it looks like she is going to have the baby she has so wanted.

The problem is that she does not know who the daddy is. Jason is her husband and the baby could have been conceived on the honeymoon which is the problem because Franco may or may not have done something to Sam. Franco took Jason and drugged him and had him locked up in a room with a camera as he watched Franco put Sam into bed then put a shirt over the camera so he does not know what happened.

Sam also does not know what happened because Franco drugged Sam and when she passed out he caught her and put her in the bed. This is only my opinion but I think that Franco may have only been messing with Jason’s head and just made him believe that he done something to Sam. I think he didn’t do anything to her but I could be wrong. So Sam will be pregnant but I imagine she will be very scared not knowing who fathered the baby.

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    Interesting plot.

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