Prisoner{have You Ever Felt Rejected}

Prisoner{Have you ever felt rejected}

A rugged road of holes I walk.
I hang my head, to curses that I hear
        to the fear
        of being known.

        My moon has slid behind the sky
        where storm-clouds roar and shadow all I see.
here with me;
no life is shown.

The raindrops pelt my head and arms.
They sting my skin and pierce my heart like blades.
        in everglades
        of murk and mire.

        In bogs, my ankles sink in mud.
        I shake them loose, yet step down, deeper in.
chained within,
against desire.

A searing sun goes blister red,
and melts away all thought of inner vice
        like the ice
        on desert hearth.

        So, how do I release the pins
        that stay my truth, suppress my id in flame?
to my shame
and paltry worth.

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