Liz Hurley and Our Famous Cricket Star

Shane is known for his leg-spinners the world over. But this time it seems to be Liz-spinners with his another "Double spinner"

The famous Australian cricket star Shane Warne seems to have bowled another over of a double spinner attack. But this particular over is over. Shane has unlimited variety in his bowling and always attacks the middle stump, but this time Liz Hurley  did well to save her wickets with her solid defensive tactics.

The relationship between Hurley and former test cricketer Shane was said to be over this Saturday night after the Australian was accused of sending another woman more than 100 sexually-charged texts.

Warne, 45, is said to be disturbed that Hurley has left him after he flooded a millionaire’s” wife with the messages while on the love track with the model and the actress. In fact, Saturday night Liz posted a message on twitter in which she compared the situation to “The Jerry Springer Show”. Hurley wrote “Err…please-take any mentions of me in the latest thrilling installment of the jerry springer-esque saga with a large pinch of salt”

Our big cricketer from Australia, who has said to have told his friends that he wanted to marry Miss Hurley, was sending dozens of text messages to this Australian mother of two, Mrs. Angeleri who runs a designer clothes shop in front of Warne’s Charity, Shane Warne foundation in Melbourne. They exchanged phone numbers when she approached him with business proposals but Warne attacked her with his usual double spinner attack. Warne is separated from wife Simone and is very fond of sending text messages to almost every lady, he knows her number. The messages happen to be very suggestive and real sexy.  

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