Britain’s Got Talent is Back

The 5th series of Britain’s Got Talent returned to our TV screens tonight, and it had the same mix of mad hopefulls and bewildered judges as ever.

After Spellbound wowed the voting public in last year’s final and got to perform in front of the queen, Britain’s Got Talent has been taking a break from our screen. And Spellbound have been taking a break from the much of the public, though behind the scenes I’m sure they’re doing well in their profession. But this year we’ll see whether we can produce another Paul Potts; someone who can captivate us all well beyond the final showdown.

The judging table has been shaken up, with Simon Cowell too busy with launching the American X Factor but returning for the live finals later this year, and Piers Morgan presumably too busy bugging celebrities at parties hoping to have some fame for himself. So it’s been left to funnyman Michael McIntyre and “The Hoff” himself to fill their shoes.

Hoff has had talent show experience with America’s Got Talent, so him and Amanda got well into the buzzing early in the show. McIntryre however had a bit more difficulty, and seemed to be worried about losing his image as Britain’s most loved comedian and all round nice guy. However he got into the swing of things a bit later in the show, and managed to make the audience laugh along with him throughout proving that his image is very much intact.

Another new addition to this series is the auditions at Liverpool, a city neglected by BGT in the previous years. However if the judges were hoping for great talent they may have been slightly mistaken. The first woman to enter the auditorium was lovely but didn’t seem to have a clue about any of the judges. Thinking Amanda was Joanna Lumley (though I will give it to the woman, she appeared to have modelled her hairstyle on Lumley) was a slight mistake, believing McIntyre when he claimed to be Cowell was slightly harder to forgive! Yet it kept the audience laughing, and distracted from the fact that her act wasn’t the most talented Britain could produce. Harmonica playing and some strange attempt at Irish dancing isn’t always the best way to open a show.

Yet this episode did produce some moments of magic. A lovely old telesales man who entered the stage later on looked to be another dud, however what he produced was spectacular and kept the judges, audience and home viewers in stitches. Dancing to 2-3 second sections of various different songs all mashed together may not sound like it would work, but on this man believe me it did. There was also the final act; the slightly overweight salesman from Plymouth who walked on stage with his guitar looking nothing special. But his version of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman was beautiful, and left everyone gobsmacked.

Here’s his wonderful singing (not the best quality) for all of you:

So if it’s mad dancing, awful singing, atrocious comedy with some pure brilliant moments in between you’re looking for, stay tuned as the BGT auditions wind their way across the country and end up with the live semi finals in a few weeks time. I certainly can’t wait to see what more Britain has to throw at us.

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4 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent is Back”
  1. CHIPMUNK says:

    interesting article

  2. bolive says:

    that’s a great show!

  3. Britwalkz says:

    hmm, dont live in britain so I havent seen got talent, is it like american idol?

  4. LeighAnne93 says:

    It’s like a variety show, some singers but everything goes: dancers, trained dogs, jugglers etc. I think we had a singing pig last year :L

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