Cartoon Characters From The 80s & 90s

Sources say that 1980s and 1990s cartoon characters may be making a resurgence in popularity.

There seems to be some sort of resurgence regarding cartoon characters from the 1990s. This era featured many two dimensional cartoons for children. They were usually focused on everyday activities, such as going to school or work, but had a quirky element of things-that-only-happen-in-cartoons.. like flying, getting chased by a robot, or reliving your birthday every single day.

One of these programs was Rugrats, an animated television series about three boys and one girl, named Tommie Pickles, Chucky Finster, and Phil and Lil DeVille, respectively. The group is often tormented by the show’s antagonist, Angelica Pickles. The kids are very young, portrayed as toddlers and infants who walk and crawl around during their adventures. Angelica is the oldest and thus serves as a mediator/translator between the babies and adults: she can speak English in addition to baby talk.

Another popular program was entitled Doug, a television series surrounding the life of a grade-schooler by the same name. Doug aired in 1991 and was produced for first Nickelodeon and then for Disney. Doug goes about his day to day work and play, sometimes imagining he is a fictitious super hero named Quailman.

Here’s a final 80s cartoon to look at: The Ren and Stimpy show. It was more like a vaudeville act than a cartoon plot, complete with slapstick humor and tongue-in-cheek violence. The two main characters, Ren and Stimpy, a cat and a Chihuahua. Nickelodeon also hosted this show and it aired around the same time as Doug and Rugrats.

p.s. We can’t forget to include the Simpsons. It began in the 1980s and was about a middle-class family living in suburbia. The show is part humor and part tongue-in-cheek social commentary and appeals to both children and adults.

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