Dancing with The Stars, Season 13: And The Winner

While the trio of finalists – Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian, and J.R. Martinez – danced their hearts out, Dancing with the Stars, Season 13: And the Winner.

Dancing with the Stars, Season 13: And the Winner, There exists a champion! Dwts picked a whole new winner yesterday evening. After weeks of winnowing the herd, only three “stars” remained. But much like Highlander, there might be only one.

Dancing with the Stars, Season 13: And the Winner, While the trio of finalists – Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian, and J.R. Martinez – danced their hearts out, the real question on everyone’s mind yesterday evening was: How could they possibly complete couple of hours of primetime?

The verdict: Iraq war veteran and actor J.R. Martinez and partner Karina Smirnoff are the winners of season 13. The duo managed to out-dance its competitors, despite being behind in points and being much less expensive famous than either Ricki Lake and even Rob Kardashian. Better, we were holding in a position to defeat Rob Kardashian despite his family’s considerable Twitter pull. When a landmine survivor can beat a real possibility star, it gives you an answer to America.

Chestiest moment: To aid kill time on the two-hour show, Grammy winning group Lady Antebellum played new single “Dancing Away With My Heart,” even though the pros performed a number of the season’s final dances. To mark the occasion, not really a single shirt was buttoned. We’re going to miss those guys, right ladies?

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Weepiest moment: Throughout the competition’s first half, each finalist selected a dance for any repeat performance. Reality star Rob Kardashian opted to yet again foxtrot to “Fly Me towards the Moon,” a song he chose to honor his dearly departed father. His performance left the judges gushing and mom Kris Jenner testing the limits of her waterproof mascara by crying her eyes on the sidelines.

Biggest compliment: After Rob completed his waltz, Judge Len Goodman announced, “You’ve got the best footwork from a guy I’ve seen on this show ever.” Which can be Len’s way of saying that they aren’t going to quit to create Rob Kardashian happen sooner. Many of us get Mean Girls references, right?

Most awkward judging moment: While Judge Len doesn’t normally sign up for the rule of “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say some thing,” something happened while confronting critiquing J.R.’s jive. Instead of berating the veteran’s missteps, the crotchety judge announced, “The something that’s always consistent … is our band and singer.” Ouch!

Most shocking moment: Following the mid-show scores, host Tom Bergeron lined up the finalists to announce another place contestant (a.k.a. the evening’s loser.) It was truly anyone’s game, yet it was still shocking when Ricki Lake, the consistent frontrunner and judges’ top scorer, was eliminated in the competition. Creates this change signify the show isn’t judged positioned on talent?

Best shots at redemption: Both reality star Kristen “I’m not only a bitch!” Cavallari and Chynna “Wilson” Phillips were once touted as potential frontrunners inside the dancing competition. But Kristen was voted off early on and Chynna choked during Hollywood week. Within their return to the ballroom the celebs seized their big shots. While Kristen learned an entirely new routine, Chynna opted to redeem herself by actually completing her tango for the “Mission Impossible” theme song. Hope it was best for them, given it was kind of tedious for all of us.

Best Vogue: For his go back to the oasis, former Queer Eye for your Straight Guy star Carson Kressley promised he was going to allow it all have fun, just “not up to Nancy Grace.” The fashion maven delivered an exciting routine that demoted his pro partner Anna Trebunskaya to mere back-up dancer, although she didn’t manage to mind. Plus Carson got to cross “dance with a Chmerkovskiy” off his bucket list while the everyone else just sat there watching.

Best dance of shame: Remember way back when NBA player Ron Artest a.k.a Metta World Peace and George Clooney’s ex Elisabetta Canalis were on the show? Me neither! The producers saw fit to take it well to execute the dances that got them eliminated in the first round. Anything to help wile away the amount of time.

Most superfluous dance: Over the last half of the show, the 2 remaining finalists, Rob and J.R., were instructed to study a samba to Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon Bon.” They complied with all the request, performed their sambas. Then your judges awarded everyone 10s – Oprah-style (And also you obtain a 10! And you get a 10!) – plus more time was wasted until it turned out the past three minutes of the entire season and J.R. was crowned the winner. The final.

You think the correct person went home with all the trophy? Did Rob Kardashian deserve the win or did J.R. Martinez earn his trophy? Inform us inside comments below.

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