Dish Network is Flailing

Dish TV is fighting valiantly to keep increasing subscribership and save a business that keeps losing money.

The entire entertainment business is trying desperately to figure out the best way to monetize. As long as they continue to keep spending the big bucks despite the economic downturns, it seems like a bunch of people rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The higher ups need to be willing to take paycuts while keeping the little guys working. Dish Network is another example of an entertainment business loosing tons of money but still refusing to change the model.

The only answer Dish has had is to give away more stuff for free. Subscribership is still down and the company does not seem to realize the numbers are not going up. The newest solution is to take over the Blockbuster market. As Dish frantically tries to get all of the Blockbuster business streaming only through their version of cable, investors still wonder if it is enough. Netflix in many major ways has beat them to the punch and despite the lucrative catalog, Blockbuster remains bogged down with extensive rights issues when it comes to streaming. No one knows where the final numbers will land.

People are wise. As more and more content becomes available for free online, companies to adjust the expectations. Hulu figured it out, now the older companies need to. You need to offer some version of free. It will be lesser, slower and not perfect. Then for a small fee you offer an upgrade. You get people talking about your product and the subscribers will come. Word of mouth is the new advertising…get on board!

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