Do You Fall Asleep When You Watch TV?

Watching TV.

  • I do sometimes fall asleep when I watch TV specially after eating or if I’m way to tired or too sleepy. The TV channel would always be in the news or in Nat Geo. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nat Geo. I think it’s the voice over that makes me fall asleep and when loud commercials are up I tend to wake up and then fall back to sleep again ones the news or the show is back again.
  • This only happens to me when I am watching TV quite late like when I’m taking in a late night movie or something. There’s nothing wrong with this but I guess your body is really telling you something when you start to nod off in front of the television. Whenever I reach this point though I have to give up on the film and I just make my way to bed and dive in! I normally get to sleep five or ten minutes later.
  • Yes, this is a common occurrence for me and sometimes it can be very annoying when I miss a program I was interested in! Thank goodness for video/DVD recording, as these days, if an interesting program is on particularly late, I will just record it to watch the next evening at a earlier time! If there were no recording facilities, as there wasn’t when I was younger, I would miss most of the TV I was interested in!
  • I do fall as sleep I watch television when I’m so tired. Like for example, I am watching a news of a particular channel then it happens that I am not interested with their news and so I just fell asleep. Then after that, I just realize that I slept when my auntie is going to turn off the TV then back to sleep until morning.
  • My weakness too is when I watch TV after meal. I tend to sleep if I don’t fight hard enough.

Bottom line is, TV entertains us it also relax us so we can fall asleep.

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