Ds9 – Almost Flawless

A review of Deep Space Nine.

Story Arc is one of the most unused but priceless tools a script writer owns.  As most dramas are episodic, allowing different writers, and very little continuity, one can miss a few episodes and not really miss anything, as the story begins and ends each week, only the characters remain the same.

To embark on a story arc takes guts, but rewards the viewer with a sense of reality, of being part of the week to week adventures.  A character mentioned in Episode 4 will appear in Episode 12 and action discussed in Episode 17 will continue until episode 35.

Deep Space 9 is one of those rare shows in which Story Arc has been tried and used to great advantage.  Unlike previous Treks where often the romance starts at minute 3 and ends by minute 42, in Deep Space 9 one sees the beginning, middle and end of a relationship which has taken years to grow.

Yes there are the ‘one offs’ which break the continuity, some more comic relief, i.e. the Magnificent Ferangi which is a take off on the Magnificent 7, and those which could have better been aired in a different season; Far Beyond the Stars  or compressed and built around the Story as more diversion that focus, Wrongs Darker than Depth or Night   (just taking three episodes from Season 6)

Getting the full 7 seasons and extras of Deep Space 9 so one can view them back to back, one is impressed with the depth and texture of the story and the characters.

Liked it
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