Dynasty Warriors Seven – Revamping The Series

KOEI has stated that everything has been revamped – from characters to stories and weapon system.

Seventh game in the Dynasty Warriors Series

Dynasty Warriors 7 is the upcoming installment of the Dynasty Warriors series. At the Tokio Game Show 2010, it was confirmed to be released exclusively on PlayStation 3 because it was the series’s tenth year anniversary and the series had a long history with the Playstation consoles. However, on October 30, 2010, it was announced that an Xbox 360 version would also be released in North America and Europe. Producers also stated that there are no plans for an Xbox release in Asia.

Platforms : Playstation 3, Xbox 360

New features in the game, with everything revamped

- The Jin Kingdom will be added. So the major factions will rise it’s number to four (Jin, Shu, Wu, Wei).

- Each character will be allowed to wield more than only one weapon. Some characters will also have special attacks with each weapon.

- The combat system has been revamped, with more attacks and more special attacks.

- Musou Mode will now be Kingdom-Based, not Character-Based.

- Another mode will be introduced – Conquest Mode – . This will introduce an “open-world-China” and “create-your-own-story” story mode gameplay. It will also feature an “Online feature” for the mode.

- Some of the major battles will be split into two parts, so the player will see the battle through different perspectives. (one part played by a character, one part by another)

- There will be no morale bar, but the morale will still affect your and the enemy troops. Morale increases or descreases will be notified by allied officers.

- Swimming and Climbing Ladders is also confirmed as a feature for Dynasty Warriors 7.

- There will also be Unique Weapons, as in the rest of the series but Dynasty Warriors 6.

- The first game to feature support animals (like Elephants and Pandas). They will fight with you, transport you or roam the map, killing for your side.

- The game will also feature Downloadable Content.

New Revamped Character Models!

Cao Cao – game render – Leader of the Wei

Liu Bei – game render – Leader of the Shu

Sun Quan – game render – Leader of the Wu

Zhuge Liang – game render – Prime Minister of Shu

Sun Jian – game render – Father of Sun Quan

Cao Pi – Game Render – Son of Cao Cao – First King of Wei

Yuan Shao- Game Render – Leader of the Alliance

Lu Bu – Game Render – Mighty Warrior and Foster Son of Dong Zhuo

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