Funniest Bastards on Television!

My picks for the funniest most rockin characters ever to grace the t.v screen.

1.  The Kids in the Hall (Scott Thompson, Bruce McCulloch,Dave Folley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinley,Death comes to town)

These veterans of sketch comedy have not lost a step (not like Steve Martin and his endless stream of overwhelmed dad movies).  The now middle aged “Kids” are back with an all new show on the IFC channel “When Death comes to town” and its hillarious.  Bruce McCulloch does most the writing producing of the show, which takes place in a small town where the mayor is mysteriously murdered.  The kids play most the characters in the show.

   2.  Charlie Kelly (charlie Day, Always Sunny in Philidelphia)

Charlie Kelly is a simple man.  A simple man that sometimes eats cat food and huffs paint.  The show Always Sunny in Philidelphia is packed with hillarious actors, in fact one could fill a top ten list of hillarity based solely on the show alone.  Charlie works at pattys pub for his friends, who often mistreat him and get him to do Charlie work, which is the worst work one can do. 

   3.  Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller, Sienfeld)

Frank is the father of one George Costanza, a often flustered scheming bald man.  Its clear where George gets his neurosis from after witnessing the firely volcano that is Frank Costanza.  He’s a tough old man from queens who doesn’t take any crap, and will even take a swing at a woman dare she test his will.

Funny Quote:


   4.  Master Shake (Dana Snyder, Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Yeahh you freaky mother! Master shake is just one of the hillarious talking food creatures that reside somewhere in Jersey.  He doesn’t care about much, accept his acting career, torturing his roomates and blowing things up.  This was a tough call between Carl and Shake, but ultimately I think shake has some funnier lines.

   5.  Dwight K. Schrute (Rainn Wilson, The Office)

Ah dwight, we all have worked with a Dwight.  You know that guy that actually cares about seminars, who follows every rule blindly without question.  Dwight is also about the funniest guy on the plannet, often set off by the straight man and his antagonist Jim Halpert.  The office is another legendary show (both British and American versions) where you can make a top ten list off the show alone, but Dwight is always good for a few laughs.

   6.  The Monarch (Christopher McCulloch, The Venture Bro’s)


The Mighty Monarch is the lifelong adversary of Dotor Rusty Venture.  He will stop at nothing to destroy him, because…well he has no real reason, he just hates him.  Accompanied by his deep voiced girlfriend (Doctor Girlfriend) and his army of disposable henchmen, he flies high in the air in his flying cacoon, which is also equiped with stealth.  The Monarch is one of the funniest villians around, because of his quick wit and his seething anger.

   7.  Tim And Eric (Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, Time and Eric Awesome show great job)



The stars of Tim and Eric awesome show great job, are about as bizare as they come.  Awkward sketches that involve strange words, skipping seizure like facial expressions and cheap exploding graphics are commonplace.  The show is aired on Adult Swim (as many of the best shows are), but the comedic duo also do live stage acts across the country.

   8.  Bret and Jemaine (Bret Mckenzie and Jemaine Clement, Flight of the Conchords)



The New Zealand Comedy folk duo became common names after they got a show on hbo, but before that their stand-up comedy was hillarious as well.  Bret and Jemaine play more or less themselves on this show, aimlessly trying to make a name for themselves in New York City under the tuteleage of a fellow New Zealander, Murray.  They are also stalked by a mental fan, and often at eachothers throat over band issues.

   9.  Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris, Strangers With Candy)

Jerry Blank is a middle aged highschool drop out who decides to return to school after a long stint in jail for stealing a t.v and drug abuse.  She is crude, unloved and eassily swayed into criminal activity.  Strangers follows her life as she tries to make things right but often foiled by the world that is seemingly trying to stop her.  The show makes hillarious use of overly dramatic scenes and music, and when Jerry tries to pick up women, and men, the effect is very comedic.


   10.  Tom Haverford (Azir Ansari, Parks and Recreation)

Azir is becoming more and more known in the world thanks to blockbuster movies like “Funny People”.  His character Tom on the show Parks and Recreation is just another facet of his comedica talent.  Tom is a bit of a creepy self proclaimed chick magnet.  He also claims that he is “A redneck from Carolina”.  This guy would probably crack me up just standing there.

Well there it is, my top 10 picks for funniest T.V characters, I had some great hillarious quotes but the damn site would not let me put them on due to retardedness,any flaming goes on, I’m aware I left out alot of really funny people, but hell, the television been around for a while man, get over it!

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