How to Keep Snow Off Your Satellite Dish

There are some great ways to keep from trudging through the snow to wipe the snow off your dish. Find out how!

   Have you ever been watching TV in the winter and all the sudden you lose signal and you get that little “Aquiring Satellite Signal” screen? You know you’re missing the best part of the show and you just can’t stand to miss it? So you grab your boots and coat, run outside and wipe that huge heap of snow off your dish, maybe some tough ice is stuck to it, too. After wiping it off you run back inside and wait for the satellite signal to reach its required peak and then you resume the show after missing about five or ten minutes of it. There are a few ways to avoid this!

   One of the easiest things to do is, before winter actually starts (really late fall, before the first snow), walk out to your dish and spray a good amount of Pam or other oil-based cooking spray (or WD-40) on your dish. Also spray it on the “eyes” of the LNBF. Make sure to put a good coat on. You may want to apply another coat after a few days just to make sure you have enough on it. This will prevent the snow and ice from sticking to any part of the dish for most of the winter.

   If your dish is sitting below the eave of your house, snow may accumulate on the roof and slide off to land on the dish. This will cause your dish to be covered in snow and could possibly break the dish. If this is the case, you can call your provider and have the dish moved somwhere else. This will prevent alot of problems.

   There is a third option as well. There are a couple companies that make weather-proof covers that tie around the dish and keep snow and rain off your dish. This does not cover the LNBF and installation is not easy. Plus, the fabric flaps in the wind and can be a real eye-sore. However, this may be the route you want to go based on your dish’s location.

   These are just a few great ideas to keep you from dealing with the weather affecting your television experience. The cooking spray seems to work the best, but choose for yourself the best option based on your specific circumstances.

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