K-drama Fever on Youtube and Mysoju

Wonder why so many people are addicted to Korean-dramas? Three popular Asian dramas you must watch this summer: Hi my Sweetheart, Boys Over Flower and You’re Beautiful.

          Wonder why so many people ere you passionate about K-dramas? Many people outside South Korean are highly addicted to Korean dramas which are uploaded daily on websites such as youtube.com or mysoju.com and translated to English for millions of viewers outside Asia. Young women dream for that man of their dreams to come out of the mist and come into their lives. Mysoju perhaps is the most popular website to view Korean/Japanese dramas and movies due to the variety of genres ranging from romantic/comedy, action, fantasy, family etc. Not only are the dramas addicting but the background music as well. Here are my three favorite recommendations for the helpless romantics.

   1. Hi my Sweetheart  -a Taiwanese drama that was aired on November 1st ,2009 until January 24th, 2010, Staring Rainie Young and Show Luo. Xue Hai, played by Show Luo, was a dork in Hangzhou, he develops a friendship with Bao Zhu, another outcast in the school. After becoming his first love, they ultimately both lose contact due to a misunderstanding. One can say it is similar to Ugly Betty, except with a man version of Ugly Betty. A total of 14 episodes of an intriguing romantic comedy story that wont make you stop watching!
 2. Boys Over Flowers, a Korean drama that topped #1 on Mysoju.com, aired on January 5,2009 until March 31,2009. Jandi (played by Koo Hye sun) is a commoner whose family owns a dry cleaning store. When she accidentally saves a young man at Shin Hwa College, a luxurious school with an acceptance rate of 2%, she becomes a superhero and is admitted into Shin Hwa on a swimming scholarship. Jan Di tries to avoid the F4 group which consists of four boys : Goo Jun Pyo (played by Lee Min Ho), Yoon Ji hoo (Kim Hyun Joong), So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) and Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon). The main leader of F4 ,Goo Jun Pyo and Jand Di don’t like each other yet ultimately end up falling in love. A true romantic comedy you must watch! A total of 25 episodes you will never forget!

3. You’re beautiful- Also ranked as one of the most popular dramas in South Korea and outside with one of my favorite talented Korean actresses Park Shin Hye. Some may say that this K-drama is similar to She’s the Man with Amanda Bynes. Topped #3 on Mysoju.com, this drama was aired Oct 7, 2009 until November 26,2009. A.N.J.E.L, a popular band in South Korea decides to add a new lead vocal, Mi Nam. Mi Nam has to leave the country due to surgery before actually signing the real contract. Go Mi Nyu (played by Park Shin Hye), his twin sister ultimately has to leave the convent to take over his position, yet the band members don’t know she’s actually a girl. You wont regret this romantic/comedy!

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