Kakashi’s Face Revealed!!!

One of the widely liked characters in Naruto[by Masashi Kishimoto] is Kakashi Sensei. There was recently a flood of images claiming the title of Kakashi’s true face. Here, we see those and the recent omake.

Anyone who’s an avid fan of Naruto would have wanted , at one time or another, to see Kakashi Hatake’s real face. The mystery which surrounds his mask has been one which has intrigued everyone for ages. There was even a comical episode(a filler, I think) where Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke try to remove his mask. They thought up all kinds of crazy faces Kakashi sensei could have underneath his mask.

Fans did not stop trying to create their “own” Kakashi face. The Internet has been flooded with fake Kakashi face images like this one: .

There was even a manga(#294), where in the front cover, his face was partially revealed. Image here: .

But, the most recent one is an omake in the 3rd Naruto databook, in which his pack of ninja hounds(including Pakkun) try to remember his face, which they had seen a long time ago. Images of the omake here:

Page 1: http://bit.ly/bcsflW

Page 2: http://bit.ly/b7J8o8

Page 3: http://bit.ly/cD8C45

Page4: http://bit.ly/aKYrAR

Page5: http://bit.ly/cMrb89


Although Kakashi’s real face still remains a mystery, there are some of us out there who believe that the mystery is one of the elements which makes everyone adore Kakashi. Well, for any future developments regarding his face, we’ll have to wait and see.

So long till then.

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