Little Girls in Beauty Pageants: Totally Wrong

The cold hard truth about child pageants, are that they hurt the child more than help.


The last thing you want is your little girl growing up with the following misconceptions:

  • I need make-up to be beautiful
  • I am loved because I am beautiful
  • I need to dress like this for people to like me
  • My teeth, hair and clothes have to be perfect or people will think I am ugly
  • The false me is better than the real me

You do not want your daughter to have a false sense of self. However, that is exactly what you get when you put your daughter on display because she is beautiful. Instead, how about you tell her she is beautiful, but also tell her she is smart and can do anything she wants to do with her life.


Common Misconceptions:


1.      Some people see placing their daughters on display as something that will build self-confidence. Self-confidence comes from within and it is something you learn in time. You get confidence in being smart and learning new things, like playing piano or riding horses. You get confidence doing what you are best at, whether it be dancing, writing, drawing, etc. Mothers – the last thing you want to have your daughter build her self-confidence on, is something that fades – beauty.

2.      Little girls love competing for prizes – that depends on the prize, what they are winning it for and whether they enjoy what they are doing. Most little girls backstage at beauty pageants are crying and sad that they have to do this.

3.      Little girls love dress-up – but they like dressing up and playing, not being on display in front of thousands of complete strangers. Not to mention the clothes they wear are inappropriate, so inappropriate that most adults would not be caught dead wearing them.

4.      They can win money – selling your child out for money is wrong in so many ways. If you need money, you dress up and flaunt it, leave your child out of it. Get a second job if you have to…or a first one, your child’s job is not to support your lifestyle. Her job is to be a child.

5.      It is safe – tell that to the Ramsey family…pedophile’s love children in the sickest way and sashaying your daughter on display in front of one is like dangling a nice juicy worm in front of a very hungry fish. Do not take the risk it is not worth it.

6.      They get to show off their talents – No they get to show off their bodies and have their beauty exploited. Some of the ways those girls dance are provocative and downright wrong out of anybody, much less a child. Ballet is cute, but girl shaking her butt is not cute, it is sick.


Your daughter needs time to develop into the individual she was placed on this earth to be. That may be different from what you see for her, but it is her life and she needs to live it, not you. Parents, stop living life vicariously through your daughter. She is not a life size Barbie doll, which you can dress up without consequences. She is a living, breathing person and has the right to find her own way in life. Be there to support her dreams. If your daughter is one of the few that actually want to do this, tell them they are more than a piece of meat, they are more than a pretty face and the answer is no. Be the parent, raise up your daughter to love her self and you have done a great job. Raise up a child who feels she has to be fake and you’ve failed miserably as a parent. Grown adults who grew up competing in child pageants have went on record saying they would never have their daughters do it because of the negative effects it has on the child’s self-esteem. They also suffered eating disorders, brought on by false body images and when they got older, they floundered around finding themselves, the real them and some committed suicide.   

Finding ones’ true self is hard when you start doing it as an adult, because you were robbed of the chance to discover it when you were a child. Do your daughter a huge favor and just let her be a little girl. She will be grown up fast enough and I promise you, you will miss her so much. You will regret losing that precious little girl time you could have had, while you were busy making her grow up too fast.

A childhood is something precious and should not be taken from a child. The longer they can stay innocent to the evils of the world, the better. Once that innocence is gone, you can never get it back. Do not be the one to spoil that innocence in your daughter, you never want to be the one that spoils that.

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8 Responses to “Little Girls in Beauty Pageants: Totally Wrong”
  1. Irene Daniels says:

    story worth reading

  2. S A JOHNSON says:

    I completely agree with this article. Great job on writing it out so well.

  3. Sage (with sapience) says:

    Before deleting, try to grow up a bit by reading it:

    People of your kind are what’s not needed in this world. Retarded thinking, albeit correct, is not needed as you think you’re the judge of life and death. Know your place and maintain only your vicinities, for they’re your only boundaries you may change.

    “Laugh and grow fat.”

  4. Lexy says:

    So, I enjoyed reading this article and although i do agree with it; It has too much opinion in it. You sound hurt you should go see a doctor.

  5. Caroline says:

    I love the picture with the NORMAL looking child in the middle and the fakers all around. Children do NOT look like adults and anyone who tries to make them is selling something!

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  7. I dont think pagents are all to bad.. but i do agree with the lady about saying the little girls think make up makes them pretty. I realy do not like that.

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