Sexy Cartoon and Animated Men

Cartoons and animations have sexy male characters too. But you do have to stay in that realm………

Brenda Starr’s Mystery Man Basil:

Any Brenda Starr lovers out there?  Well, she was the red-haired, independent, sexy, modern woman of yesteryear, like in the 50s and 60s. She was a Reporter with a catchy name. We read her stories (they would be most exciting on Sundays, you know with the cliff hangers).  And she had a boyfriend…… several men went for this chic.  But she was decent and kind of removed (had to be back then).  Anyways she had this mystery dude with a patch over one eye that she loved. His name was Basil St. John.  How I remember!  You know he was moody and mysterious and all around sexy.  Now in real life you just may not chase after this particular kind of man and then again, maybe so.  But all girls went for this mysterious, patch wearing guy. She ultimately married him (as we were beginning to get too big to follow her so closely).  A lovely, funny columnist named Irma Bombeck (who died far too soon) was such a humorist that she said she was so in love with Brenda’s mystery man that she didn’t go out with a man unless he had a patch!  She  was very cooell.  Brenda bore a child in this marriage to Basil.  Oh Basil!

Clutch Cargo:

I think I wanted ole Clutch to clutch me!! Now don’t think I’m crazy but I must have been in puberty when I fell for Clutch Cargo. He was something like an Adventurer with a little dog with a catchy name.  These were the first cartoons where I figured they didn’t have enough money to make a decent animation.  The characters in this cartoon floated along the screen…… you never saw them walk.  Or their bodies would be still while their arms moved!   Their faces stayed the same and only their lips moved and very life like too.  I really liked to see Clutch talk.   Now how about that.  Yes, I enjoyed it and thought Clutch was sexy.  Again, I just wonder what phase I was going through!


Hi from Hi and Lois was cutely sexy.  He wasn’t someone you’d go after in real life because he was rather “Dorky” but he really knew how to take care of Lois.  No matter what was going on, he usually had his head buried in a newspaper but if Lois needed him, he was always there.  Sort of like men were supposed to be.  So in his uniquely clean little way, he was a sexy favorite.

Don’t forget Popeye:

Who would really want Popeye except Olive Oil and who in the world would want Olive except Popeye and of course that man Bluto?  And who would want Bluto? Not even Olive Oil but she sure played up to him to get Popeye going! Olive Oil was a Tart!  It always  worked.  This cartoon made a lot of little boys eat spinach…….I think.  It was fun to watch because of the transformation and the fact that ole Popeye was always on a quest for the woman that he loved, which in itself is sexy!

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The Beast:

I guess  since most of us know the ending  we can allow ourselves to indulge in the Beast.  After all, he is a victim of a spell cast on him because of the arrogance of his youth.  If we were to follow this logic, just about all the guys were grew up with would be beasts (some actually look like beasts now).  But truly, even though he holds his love captive, he is still a gentleman about it.  He doesn’t force himself on her and has sense enough to know that he is too scary to be looked upon.  The fact that she can see in his eyes what he really is, is sexy.  So the beast in his beastly way has something going too.  Of course we ladies would be running but in a cartoon, it makes beautiful sense to stay!

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