Sexy Cartoon Characters – Daphne From Scooby Doo

Some cartoon characters are drawn to be sexy and attractive.

Sexy Cartoon Characters – Daphne from Scooby Doo.

We have all watched cartoons at some point in our lives. You ever noticed that lots of the popular cartoon shows always have an “Ink Hottie”

Not surprising really when you consider that animation has long been a male dominated environment. So with this fact known, men together drawing female characters, there is bound to be some male fantasies going into the cartoon.

I have touched on this fact before in an article about “Lois Griffin

Loisis quite a modern addition to the “Ink Hottie” category.

Lets go back to the 1960’s – the birth of the sexually revolution. In the 60’s the world was introduced to Scooby Doo.

The Main character Scooby Doo, his friend Shaggy. Then there was Fred. The line up was completed by Velma and Daphne. Remember this was the sixties and stereotypes were very apparent. Velma being highly intelligent, was short and not much of a looker, Daphne being very attractive was a little dim – I know, they were still a little backward in the sixties.

Anyway this is about Daphne or Daphne Blake to give her full name. She was very much the girl next door, which is always attractive. She seemed very sweet but she was a character that was drawn and created to radiate sexuality, hardly surprising considering which era we are talking about. She was ever boy’s favourite. I think she was also Fred’s favourite too – you ever notice in the show when they split up, that Fred always went with Daphne and Scooby and Shaggy forever got paired with Velma? – No ones ideal threesome there.

What was Fred doing with Daphne? – he wasn’t solving the case, that’s for sure. He always had some scheme or trap that he had actually thought up on the last moment – too busy with Daphne.

Velma was the one who solved everything, no distractions from leering men.

In the 1990’s Daphne was depicted as more intelligent than her 60’s version. She was even shown to be a burgeoning career woman. Thankfully though she still looks good.

 I know it is only a cartoon, but I believe I make some valid points.


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  1. CHIPMUNK says:

    wow!! great share

  2. tanny15 says:

    nice share.

  3. anndavey650 says:

    Burgeoning career women lol… that’s progress eh?

  4. Erin Miller says:

    You do make very valid points! :)

  5. Ladyelena says:

    Daphne sure is cute. Nice article.

  6. What is Domo says:

    Daphne is really very cute and beautiful cartoon character. In 1st series of Scooby Doo character of Daphne was portrayed as danger prone of her Gang but as time went on she become a stronger and independent character.

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    It’s truly a nice and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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