Crazy ZOMBIES smoking, slaughter, and bloody horror mayhem!! SICK and DISGUSTING!!!


I had a chance to sit down for a few minutes recently with Dr. Steven Jones, creator and sculptor of Smoking Zombies and the smoking zombie website. 

Jeremy:  Dr. Jones, recently your smoking zombies have been receiving some media attention since being featured in the Walking Dead TV series.  Would you mind answering a few questions for us?

Dr. Jones:  Sure Jeremy, I have been really busy sculpting but finding time to talk about zombies is always pretty easy.

Jeremy:  Doc, approximately how long does it take you to make each one of your zombie sculptures?

Doc:  Each of them is different. Some of the time, I know exactly what I want the sculptures to look like when they are finished – these sculptures usually take just a few days. With other projects, I am not sure what the end product will look like so I’ll waffle back and forth with the details and might end up spending days looking at it and re-sculpting different parts of it. I have some zombie heads I started over 6 months ago that I haven’t finished yet.

Jeremy:  What first inspired or possessed you to make these twisted creations?

Doc:  You know, I have always liked zombies and I have always liked incense. As a kid, each year I’d always get an incense-burning smoking-guy of some kind from my German relatives for Christmas.  My zombie heads are just taking these smoking guys into the dead zone.

Jeremy:  Do you sell your sculptures to the general public or mainly to the movie studios?

Doc:  Right now I mainly sell to the general public.  I have supplied some to studios when asked but mostly to your everyday zombie fans.

Jeremy:  How long have you been a zombie fan?

Doc:  I have probably been a zombie fan since I first saw Shock Waves back in 1977. Prior to that, the only zombie movie that I remember seeing was White Zombie which, although scary when I was 10, was more about mind control than the flesh eating dead.

Shock Waves definitely left an impression on me.

Jeremy:  Do you read comics and books about zombies or do you get your zombie fix mainly through movies?

Doc:  I get most of my inspiration from zombie movies but I have read some comic books that hold my attention just as well. I have always enjoyed comic book zombie as those artists seem to capture zombies in a basic, visceral way that sometimes is lost with movie makeup.

Jeremy:  I know there seems to have been a lot of zombie related films the last few years. Did any recent movies have any help in inspiring you?

Doc:  I really liked the 2004 Dawn of the Dead. The entire Resident Evil series was really good as well. Of course the first season of The Walking Dead did not disappoint either. From a humorous perspective it is hard to beat Shawn of the Dead. Each of these movie and/or series provided inspiration for Smoking Zombies.

Jeremy:  Well, I don’t want to take up any more of your time.  I appreciate it as do your fans. 

Doc:  Be sure to check out some of the new heads on smoking  Take care!

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