South Park is It Racist is It Sexist? Yes It is and That’s Why We Like It!!!

Why people today find racism, sexism and all other kinds of degrading things amusing.

South Park is among one of the funniest and most successful parody shows on T.V today and the reason being is because people love to hate. It’s very true! If you look among all of today’s most successful comedy shows or comedians they all are making fun of certain ethnicity’s, a gender, or at least promote violence. The reason all these things work is because we enjoy feeling above others for example the comedian Russell Peters who is a comic genius! And the reason being is because he stereotypes, and degrades or picks on ethnicities. In other words he gives us exactly what we want. But he does a fair job of stereotyping all ethnicity’s which in my eyes puts him in the good books. Many comedians and T.V shows use these same strategies look at the Simpson’s, Drawn Together (very funny show a must see which you can find at, South Park ( you can find at ), and many other hilarious comedies. I wouldn’t call these shows really racist because they degrade all races and ethnicity’s like the hick red neck, Asians with small penises and who cant drive, British with bad teeth and funny accents(personal favorite :P ), and many more. To conclude people love racist slurs, violence, stereotypes and sex these are the things we crave for when watching comedy

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