Ten Best Animated Movies for All Ages

Do you enjoy animated movies? They are sophisticated and no longer for kids only. This article lists my pick of ten best animated movies for all ages.

Film companies make sophisticated animated movies to reach for more audience instead of kids only. With a lot new entry every year, it is easy to pick ten best animated movies for all ages. My list is in alphabetical order. All images come from Wikipedia.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Prince Adam suffers from a spell that transforms him into the Beast as a punishment for his arrogance. The spell can only be broken when he learns to love another and earn her love in return. But who will love a beast? The love learning is difficult, but feasible. Heart counts more than appearance. The Beast and Belle learn their way through. Strong love enables Belle to identify Prince Adam’s human form. Love can be learned and people will be better off.

Finding Nemo (2003)

In the big ocean, a desperate father is travelling all the way to find his only son Nemo. Though the father is a little timid clown fish, he never gives up. His hope and effort is really touching. He gets help from others and meets dangers as well. Nemo is also trying hard to escape from humans. Father and son eventually have a reunion that everyone welcomes to see it happens.

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

It is really tempting to train your dragon and ride on it. The training is not to dictate. It demands a mutual trust and care to other species. The befriend effort of Hiccup and the dragon he named Toothless pays off. Instead of fighting and killing each other, both Vikings and dragons work together to rebuild the village at the end. This movie is a journey to learn and to strive for a new era of peace.

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

It is a fun to watch Po the Panda learn the martial arts. At the beginning, he is lazy, but very keen on learning Kung Fu. Dream comes true by learning. Training is more efficient when the trainer can grasp the favorite of the trainee, in Po’s case is eating. The obese Po becomes a good fighter and eventually defeats the enemy. If your kids want to learn Kung Fu, do not worry. Go to find them a good master. It will be a good body and mind training.

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Living in another world, monsters come and scare children in sleep to collect energy. But in reality, monsters are almost scared to death by a little girl whom Mike and Sulley discovered and named her Boo. The adventure lets monsters realize that humans are not as dangerous as they expect. The villains are eventually punished and monsters continue meeting children to collect energy, only that laughter replaces terrible screams, a happy ending that everyone loves.

The Incredibles (2004)

Mr. Incredible and his wife Helen have been retired from being heroes for 15 years. Under the government-funded anonymity, the couple is living a normal life with their three children Violet, Dash and Jack Jack. Peace has been disturbed when Mr. Incredible falls into a trap set by his enemy. The Incredible family has no choice, but to defeat the enemy. The family theme blends well with the hero theme, providing audience a lot of fun, excitement and tender sentiments.

The Lion King (1994)

In Pride Lands, the birth of a young lion prince Simba has been celebrated. His uncle Scar is unhappy. He kills the father and puts all the blames on the son. Being tricked, Simba bears the guilt and flees. After many years in exile, Simba has grown up and is found. He returns to Pride Lands, learns the truth and wins in the fight with Scar. Peace has been restored and the glory of Pride Lands is back. With the strong bond between father and son, we witness the growth of Simba and his sweet after sweat.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Andy, at 17, is heading to college and has to leave most of his toys behind. Instead of staying in the attic, the toys are mistakenly delivered to a day-care centre in which newcomers are being bullied. Woody tries to save his friends and they almost end their life in an incinerator. After escape, Woody, Buzz and others are settled in a new home where Andy plays with Bonnie as an impressive hand over ritual. It is difficult to part with one’s toys and the best way to cherish and grant them a new life is through free giving to someone in need of toys.

Up (2009)

Using balloons to float the whole house into the sky, Carl Fredrickson, an old widower, heads Paradise Falls to keep his promise with his deceased wife Elle. A young boy Russell comes along with him accidentally. During the adventure, they meet talking dogs, a rare bird and some villains. Carl manages to keep his promise with Elle by leaving the house in Paradise Falls. He is back to the city and enjoys friendship with Russell now. It is inspiring to see the elder and the young one can keep company with each other.

Wall-E (2008)

In a world full of garbage, there are only Wall-E, a garbage collecting robot and a cockroach. Life is monotonous until Eve comes to look for plant whose existence denotes that humans can return to the Earth. The encounters between Wall-E and Eve are dangerous and romantic. After all the hardships, Wall-E returns to the Earth with Eve, a whole spaceship of humans and a lot of robot friends. Seven hundred years evacuation to the space is not unrealistic if we continue to pollute the Earth. Will we learn wiser after watching this movie? Let’s hope so.

Many animated movies nowadays are no longer for kids only. They are for all ages. As this trend goes on, we will benefit from the rich themes and maybe more frequent watching as a family function that all members can enjoy and have fun.


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29 Responses to “Ten Best Animated Movies for All Ages”
  1. alexgadd says:

    From this list, I prefer Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda. Great listing however.

  2. Wall-E is my favorite

  3. payaltyagi says:

    nice Posting

  4. Starpisces says:

    lovely ones, most of them I like, well written and illustrated, Linda.

  5. I haven’t seen most of these yet Linda.

  6. lapasan says:

    Good selection of animated movies. I like them.

  7. Eunice Tan says:

    My favorite is Lion King

  8. Finding nemo is my daughter’s favorite animated movie; next comes “The Cars.”

  9. crisdiwata says:

    I’ve watched some of them and I love them all.

  10. multiplenews says:

    Good top ten segment shared here.

  11. Cassle Tang says:

    I love all of them but Wall-E is my favorite! Thanks for your comment at my work, I hope you enjoy my writings! Feel free to give any critic or suggestion! :)

  12. papaleng says:

    excellent compilation, I did watched all of them , I’m just surprised why The Great American Tail was not included.

  13. Ruby Hawk says:

    These are good choices for kids. My grandkids loved them.

  14. juliachild says:

    good article…

  15. anitismo says:

    I don’t like you arrangement this is mine.
    no.1 lion King
    no.2 How to train your dragon
    no. 3 Up
    no. 4 Little Mermaid
    no.5 Lion King 1 1/2
    no. 6 Batman: Under the redhood
    no. 7 Kung fu panda
    no.8 Mulan
    no 9 Aladdin
    no.10 Rango
    These are cartoons I watched over and over again, and some due to there amazing soundtracks.

  16. Eve says:

    It’s a fantastic list, and WALL-E may well be one of my all time favourite films period, but I can’t help but feel that it’s very recent. I know the rise of CGI has done animated films wonders, but remember there are some fantastic films prior-1990’s, Disney and otherwise, especially classics like Snow White. Also, it would’ve been nice to see some anime on there-Howls Moving Castle in paticular is a great movie. Personally, though, I love the list, although I might replace UP and Kung Fu Panda with maybe A Bug’s Life and Ratatouille :)

  17. arielcnacion says:

    i have watched seven of them and my favorites were UP and KUNG FU panda. can’t wait to see KFP 2. =)

  18. juliachild says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Cassle Tang says:

    Eve mentioned something really nice up there! I really love the howl moving castle as well! One of the greatest anime films I ever seen!!!

  20. J M Lennox says:

    A great list and very well presented.

  21. neopisiva says:

    Not a bad choice,quite all right.However,my list would be a bit different as I am less into these commercial animations of Disney.I would add some Japanese cartoons here.:)
    Thanks for sharing.

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  26. GoldenAsh says:

    I liked The Incredibles. Toy Story 3 was simply awesome.

  27. PartizAnka says:

    excellent list! My favourite is “Beauty and the Beast”.

  28. dodolbete says:

    Those are great…. somehow but I still love anime more ^,^

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