The Shortest Running TV Series of All Time

The Television show Lone Star was cancelled earlier this year after only two episodes. The program was heavily advertised on FOX, but it drew only 4.1 million viewers in its debut. In spite of the widespread critical praise for the show, FOX cancelled it after the second episode. Is this the shortest television series in history? It is not even in the top 10.

Co-Ed Fever – February 4, 1979

Co-ed Fever was a series created by CBS that tried to capitalize on the success of the movie National Lampoons Animal House. Heather Thomas of the show The Fall Guy was the main star. Although six episodes were filmed, only one was broadcast.

Dot Comedy – December 8, 2000

Dot Comedy was a series that found humor on the internet to entertain the audience. Why watch TV for entertainment that is already on the internet? That is what audiences thought and the series was cancelled after only one episode.

The Rich List – November 1, 2006

FOX thought that a game show would provide tough competition for the ABC hit show Lost. The Rich List awarded money to contestants who could compile the largest lists on various subjects. FOX  guesses wrong on this project and the show only aired one time.

Emily’s Reasons Why Not – January 9, 2006

Emily’s Reasons Why Not starred Heather Graham who wrote self-help books that did not help her own problems. ABC created 7 episodes and heavily promoted the show before executives even had a chance to see it. Once ABC’s Entertainment Director saw the show, he ordered it to be cancelled immediately.

South Of Sunset – October 27, 1993

South Of Sunset was a detective series set in Beverly Hills starring Glenn Fry. The show was a mixture of suspense and comedy but the low ratings in the premier episode led to CBS cancelling the show before the second episode was aired.

Heil Honey I’m Home – September 30, 1990

This British comedy showed a couple portraying Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun living next door to a Jewish couple. The amazing thing is that someone actually approved this plotline for production.  The pilot was the only episode ever aired and it has never been played on TV since then.

Public Morals – October 30, 1996

Public Morals was a situation comedy based on a vice squad. Many networks considered the show to be vulgar and complained to the network. CBS created 13 episodes but only one show was ever broadcast.

Turn-On – February 5, 1969

Turn-On was a sketch-comedy series that was similar to Laugh-In.  The show technically ran for only one episode, but several affiliate stations found the show so offensive that they switched to another show after the first commercial break.

Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos – September 4, 1992

This show wins the award as the shortest-lived TV series in history. It showed funny home videos with a sexual content. During the first episode, the president of the network received a phone call complaining of the shows content. He turned on the television and was so outraged by the content he called the station and told them to pull the show off the air immediately. The show only ran for 34 minutes out the scheduled 60 minutes.

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  4. ADB says:

    The comment about Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos is not all correct. The person who rang up the station was not the president of the station but the owner, who had the show taken off all the stations he owned in Australia. The tape of the show was placed in the stations storeroom and marked never to be shown.

    Nearly 20 years later the show was repackaged, and was shown on the network.

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