The Stupidest Commercials on Tv. (My Opinion)

These are the stupidest shows/ ads on tv. (In my opinion.) You can safely mute your television if one of these ads, comes up.

Stupid ads.

Mr. Opertunity

Mr. Opertunity is an animated character in a Honda car commercial. The advertisement would have been good, except that Mr. Oppertunity seemed to have ruined it. He has lines under his eyes, giving him the “I have not slept in two days” look.

Cullanary Class

This advertisement is attempting to convince you that cooking is your life passion. The advertisement can get very annoying when it is played often, (which it is); but the most annoying thing about this ad, is its 3 minuite length! Additionally, this advertisement has two parts, the second repeating the same message from the first, “COME TO CULLANARY SCHOOL!”


This advertisement is very scripted with poor actors. In most parts, the host seems unhappy, or faking happyness, which is ironic, since Pristique is a anti-depressent.


A good car ruined with a poor ad. The particular ad I am talking about has several teenage girls in their new Toyota sportscar. The advertisement does not emphisize the powerful engine, navagation, or any cool features. Instead, the commercial emphasizes user satisfaction, with the girls in the car reclessly driving to their destination at the start of “…lets show what this baby can do!” =/


The boflex commercial is very annoying in length (2 minutes) and the way the boflex is advertised. It is obvious that you cannot get a sculpted body that is demonstrated by the hosts. They give the false illusion that this machine is a mericle that with little effort, five you a muscular body.

Back to school commercials

Back-to-school commercials are the most annoying, as they regularry play on many different channels. They give children the impression that the clothes are out of fashion and they look like geeks if they don’t buy this new t-shirt outrageouly priced at $25.00.


“I spent all summer making sure you don’t look like a dork this year”

                                              -Burlington Coat Factory

Commercials such as these demoralize children, and unfortunatly, commercials such as these are legal. Children watching this may get the impression I don’t have those clothes, and in this economy, my parents won’t buy me these! I am a dork. How dare commercials still give this message even when 13%+ of americans are unemployed.

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