The Top Cartoons From the Eighties – (1)

Revering the most memorable cartoons from 1980s.

Whenever I talk to friends the same age as I am, almost 30 years old, I realize the deep imprinting the 80s cartoons left in ourselves. Some of them because were awesome, other ones, because were incredibly bad. Which cartoons were those that left such a profound mark in my generation?


Remember those little blue guys? Peyo, a Belgian cartoonist, created Les Schtroumpfs for a Belgian newspaper in the year of 1958.

Les Schtroumpfs wouldn’t become popular until 1981, when Hanna Barbera started producing this cartoon with the name of “The Smurfs”.

Only today I can grasp the Smurfs’ cartoon lessons. First of all, this cartoon taught us something about living in society. In the cartoon, the Smurf Village had something around 100 Smurfs, each one with a single and very particular personality, which frequently was incompatible with the others’.

However they all got along very well. Oh… and I remember that there was a kind of gay Smurf, which I believe was something very progressive for the 80s. As I see, it was also a lesson about tolerance.

Of course there were also Gargamel and Azazel, the villains. As every cartoon in the 80s, the life of these two characters also taught something: greed is not rewarding.


The character Snoopy was born in a strip, in 1950, and the TV cartoon was a great influence in my generation. Not because of Snoopy, really. In fact, mostly because of Charlie Brown.

Can you remember Charlie Brown from the TV cartoon? That kid had severe mental problems. As I grew older and became a Psychologist, it was easy for me to diagnose Charlie Brown as clinically depressed. That kid was perfectly eligible for Prozac. He was always sad, and whining, and everything grown ups told him were Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo – a cartoon resource, in which grown up words weren’t intelligible.

And yet, Charlie Brown didn’t teach us only about pediatric depression; that cartoon taught us about fighting. Despite everything bad that happened in Charlie’s life during the cartoon, and there were a lot of bad things, he kept going and going. Charlie was a warrior. He fought his mental condition every single cartoon episode, and most of the times he won at the end.

That cartoon also taught us about perseverance. Every time Charlie was going to kick the football ball, Lucy removed the ball and Charlie flew away. Do you think that Charlie ever gave up? Not at all. He always kept trying, despite the mean actions of Lucy. I repeat; Charlie Brown was a warrior (or really stupid, but I prefer to think he was a warrior).

As I said before, it is the first is a series of articles about cartoons from the 80s. The next one will be Top Cartoons from the Eighties (2). If you enjoyed this article, please visit the following:

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  1. dee gold says:

    I didn’t expect to see an article about cartoons back in the 80s that’s why when I found yours, it made me smile.Those are the good old days!

  2. L F Calland says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed, dee gold. Thanks for the comment.

  3. owen says:

    snoopy rocks

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