Top Five Most Powerful Political Pundits

Who enjoys the most money and influence in the realm of political persuasion?

Newsweek Magazine has published a list of the top 50 political pundits in America.  Here are the top 5 of that list:

1) Rush Limbaugh:  Estimated annual earnings: $58.7 Million

2) Glen Beck:           Estimated annual earnings: $33 Million

3) Sean Hannity:     Estimated annual earnings: $22 Million

4) Bill O’Reilly:          Estimated annual earnings: $20 Million

5) Jon Stewart:        Estimated annual earnings: $15 Million

Clearly, being on Fox News pays well.  It is also interesting to note the rise of Jon Stewart, whose Comedy Central show, once a fringe offering by a little watched cable network, has now emerged as one of the most highly influential mainstream political shows in America.

To see the entire Newsweek top 50 list go here:

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