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How can I Met Your Mother episode after last week’s particularly weak start again? The Drunk Train makes a lot more interesting and makes way for the immediate future. All aboard!

Barney and Ted in “How I Met Your Mother” episode “The Drunk Train”

“All aboard the Drunk Train,” “The Drunk Train”, the 16th Episode of the seventh season of “How I Met Your Mother” takes the audience on an emotional eventful train ride, has not solved at any one ticket. Moreover, a person of the metaphorical train is made what is probably pleased some viewers …

The Drunk Train

For Valentine’s Day invite Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan), the lovebirds Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Kevin (Kal Penn) to take a couple trips to Vermont. Here think Kevin and Robin to the next step in their relationship. Or rather, Kevin surprised Robin with a marriage proposal out of the blue. Robin is surprisingly not averse to the idea completely, but the fact that they can not have children and want, is it soon became a major obstacle for the couple.

Marshall and Lily find Ted (Josh Radnor) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), that the last train to Long Iceland nicknamed “Drunk Train” has. For here, gather the remnant of drunken, make the party in New York and are looking for a quickie. Both singles, Ted and Barney decide to grab the opportunity by the forelock, but the first dream turns out to be a playground appearing in the fasting state as a challenge. Alcohol can remedy the situation? Barney and wants at all arbitrary tow women? Or he has the cash Canute stem Quinn, who has not fallen on his mouth and turned out to be a difficult conquest, turned the heads?

Top ten things Lily said on her wedding night

From the mere fun factor is “The Drunk Train,” a lot stronger than the last episode of “The Burning Beekeeper”. This is shown by a series of witty sayings and one-liners. An example is the collection of ten things that Lily has said during her wedding night. And also the nickname of the “Drunk Train”, although some mediocre, but still quite amusing: “The little engine with wood” instead of “The Little Engine that Could,” the “Whorient Express” instead of the famous “Orient Express” and also ” Thomas the Spank Engine “instead of” Thomas the Tank Engine “(in Germany as” Thomas the Tank Engine “known). Maybe not the feinsinnigste humor, amusing but at a primitive level.

The Drunk Train journey in itself and the assembly of the events conjure up many a smile to the face. One wonders at the sheer amount of Guidos and Guidettes, if the train is probably also stop at the “Jersey Shore” and expects to actually make a random guest appearance by Snooki or Jwoww. Also creates a typical, episode-specific running gag here to ignite. Keyword: “You think you’re better than me?”

Another highlight is Barney’s scientific approach to understanding the failure of the train and the – admittedly somewhat hackneyed – a reference to “A Beautiful Mind.” “Get Drunk” is the message. And lo and behold, it works better at once. But Barney and Ted want to flirt at all with any drunken women or search it for longer-term partnerships?

Even if the story about Ted’s quest for a noticeably has moved into the background, will hopefully soon be here again something done in this direction. And even if Barney is again clear that he was adopted by his slow-time womanizer and brush it towards the authors wedding. For even as he is now represented, he strives for long, (nearly) monogamous relationships: first Robin, then and now Nora Quinn (Becki Newton)? And this is really a stripper with the stage name of “karma” that Barney “known” for years?

Will you marry me?

Kevin also does Robin in this episode, a marriage proposal, which is used simultaneously as an opportunity to kick the figure (at least most likely) from the series. And if it is now unlikely but should not be so far, it might happen at the latest when he confesses to the affair with Robin Barney.

A little at first it looks as though the Robins have been secret that they can not deny him. But instead, the fact that they can not have children, treated again. That bothers Kevin probably only partly because there are more adoptions or to other possibilities. But Robin’s desire to never become a mother – no matter which way – it is then crucial for the withdrawal of the application and the alleged Beziehungsaus. Now let the series creators, the audience again with Ted’s “I Love You” to wait for the next episode. But whether it Ted and Robin version four or five – or whatever we have now reached – or will they once again on the wrong track is to be lured remains to be seen.

We do not keep score

At Marshall and Lily’s story is little to say. The “We do not keep score” thing is not worth talking about and somehow annoying and not very amusing. Were allowed to shine for the two short in two moments: Marshall visits Lily’s sake experimental theater called “Just screaming” and the many jokes to be accompanied at the expense of actually secret marriage proposal from Kevin at Robin with a variety of sympathetic Heiratsgags and word games.


“The Drunk Train” is much better than “The Burning Beekeeper”, but at such a season-low light also was not hard. And once again, potential exists to prepare for new and old situations and the characters for the season finale and beyond to bring. Hopefully that will not back playful – maybe the train but also already left.

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