X-files: The Woman Who First Discovered Ufo’s in The Twentieth Century

See who discovered the first UFO…

Eleanor Kaye writer of British origin has detected a flying saucer for decades before the term being popularized by American papers, according to the Ministry of Defence UFO archive British.

According to own statements, she saw on a child in 1926, an “overturned bowl” surrounded by lights on the North Cornish coast of British metropolitan district. UFO Sightings occurred over 20 years before the mediated “meetings” of American Kenneth Arnold in 1947, a similar phenomenon, an event which led to the widely accepted description of these vessels as saucers.

Declassification and publication of documents related to the UFO phenomenon by the National Archives began in 2008, after a flood of applications invoking Free Access to Information Act. The project, which is currently halfway, soon could release thousands of pages of documents accessible to the public.

An important revelation ever made by this move and that transparency is accusing Sir Winston Churchill that covered a very close encounter between a ship and an Air Force UFO Crown during the Second World War. Former Prime Minister ordered that inexplicable incident over the east coast of England used to be the secret note, for at least 50 years because it could cause mass panic.

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