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The History of Battlestar Galactica: A Tribute to Glen A. Larson

Once upon a time, there was a science fiction television series that combined a close-knit family of actors with state-of-the-art special effects. However, a greedy and evil corporation known as ABC was out to completely destroy any chance of a science fiction series remaining on the air for extended periods of time. This is the story of the real Battlestar Galactica.

Top 39 Most Popular Dating and Relationship Reality Shows in History

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The Gift of Sound: Fun Home Entertainment Gifts for Less Than $100

(BPT) – What do most people want for the holidays? Technology and home entertainment gifts are highly sought after, meaning gift-givers have plenty of opportunities to get an impressive present. If you think you need to spend a lot to get a great gift, think again. There are many great options for less than $100.

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Somebody, a writer stalks her, steals her dignity in relation to her profile.What can you share?

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