Top Five Must-watch TV Series

Here is a personal list of television series that I really love watching and I recommend to all TV Series geeks out there.

1. SMALLVILLE. It is the first television series that I became totally hooked since high school. I was not really a fan of Superman. I’m more of the friendly neighbor Spiderman but when my brother lend me his DVD’s, I changed my TV series priorities. The Man of Steel Clark Kent is the hero I should watch first. And Smallville is the best show to watch how he came to the Earth, live his teenage life in small town Smallville, ups and downs of his love interest to the friendship he’d built with his mortal enemy Lex Luthor and to the developments of his super powers. Currently, the show is on its final 10th season.

2. CHUCK. Who said nerds can’t be the next Agent 007 James Bond? Chuck Bartowski, a Stanford University kicked out worked as a computer expert at the Nerd Herd in Buy More saves the world with The Intersect embedded in his brain when he received an email from his ex-Stanford roomate[who was a CIA Agent]. In his brain, stored is the whole database of CIA and NSA and being The Intersect, CIA Agent Sarah Walker[who happens to be his love interest] and Major John Casey are tasked to protect him but later on, he will be the agent he wants to be. This show really is a must-watch since it is an action combined with a twist of comedy and love story. Currectly, the show is on its fourth season.

3. THE BIG BANG THEORY. The nerds and geeks are conquering the TV shows nowadays. This show focuses on five characters. Four nerds and one ordinary girl next door. Imagine a theoritical physicist, an experimental physicists living together on an apartment with an ordinary girl next door neighbor who is a waitress in a restaurant and colleagues whose one is an Aerospace engineer and the other one is a particle astrophysicist. What a riot when they debate on things while the girl next door just watch them with mouth opened without understanding what their talking about. The show will never fail you to laugh out loud. The Big Bang Theory is currently on its fourth season.

4. Kyle XY. I only watched it two years ago then I find it hard to stay updated on the releases of new episodes but i still think that it is a wonderful show. Clones, science facts and all the programming stuff that would make you think…is that really possible? The story rotates on a teenage boy Kyle who was actually a clone. As of now, I’m still collecting the episodes.

5. PRISONBREAK. The show has already ended its four season show but still it is a truly wonderful show. The plot starts with a brother who want to get his older brother out of the jail[Fox River Penitentiary] by  having his self imprisoned. He had his body tattood with his plans on escaping his brother who was sentenced death on an electric chair for a crime he was set-up. The twist, the cycle of revenge and the revelation of bad governance starts there.


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20 Responses to “Top Five Must-watch TV Series”
  1. crisdiwata says:

    Small ville is the one I like.

  2. iamyna410 says:

    i like prisonbreak.. wentworth plays the role well.. :)

  3. bobie says:

    mas gusto ko yung small ville ..

  4. nz2rdfox says:

    SMALLVILLE a collection of all the seasons :)

  5. mtrguanlao says:

    I also watch smallville,I like sex and the city much.

  6. LCM Linda says:

    Pity that I’m familiar with Prisonbreak only. It seems that I miss a lot of good TV series.

  7. The Bling says:

    I haven’t been watching TV lately but I like Smallville.

  8. gvgatchalian says:

    I realize now how “out” I am. :-) I watch Smallville and Prisonbreak, but I the ones I am still hooked on are Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girls. I love knowing the current top ones, I’d make sure to watch them soon. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Christine Ramsay says:

    I am so out of touch with TV programmes. I haven’t seen any of these though I have heard of Prison Break. I must try to widen my viewing experience. Great recommendations.


  10. Ima Vee says:

    Thanks for the comment everyone…

    There’s a lot of television shows today and the five on my list are just few of them. I used to watch Heroes but it was full of twists that I find it boring. Criminal Minds, Bionic Woman, Grey’s Anatomy are great too but I’m not always updated with that shows.

  11. Yovita Siswati says:

    I like smallville.

  12. lonelyplanet says:

    Good info about these tv shows.

  13. Joseph Parks says:

    I like smallville! I hope Lex returns!

  14. Val Mills says:

    I don’t watch very much TV, that is my writing time, but I can’t recall having heard of any of these in NZ.

  15. Likha says:

    I’m also out of touch. But I watch One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl once in a while. If I have more time, I will try watching them.

  16. papaleng says:

    This post reminds me na dapat, bumili na ako ng bagong TV. Almost 2 years ng wala kaming TV, pero yung Prison Break, meron ako lahat ng season. Galing si Michael Schofeld..

  17. Epicsauce101 says:

    I don’t watch Smallville, rarely when it’s on I will see glimpses of it. Kyle XY, and The Big Bang Theory I would love to watch, but we only have a digital converter box, I do not think those shows come on.

  18. King Mob says:

    Nice list!!! I like Big Bang Theory the most

  19. anndavey650 says:

    Smallville has my vote! Call me a teenager why don’t you *hides*

  20. c4collins says:

    I watch/watched all of your picks except “Prisonbreak” and find your taste in television shows awesome!! I am in mourning over the final season of “Smallville”, my most favorite of them all…any fans of this show PLEASE petition the CW network for a spinoff with most of the original characters!!! Great article…write on!!!!!!

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