Seven Famous Organization Acronyms From Television Featuring Ctu, Ncis, Csi and More

This is a fun trivia list to the famous (mostly) real life organizations/services that are featured in tv shows. It includes CIA, FBI, CTU and more, along with the television show the organization is featured in.

We knew some of these, and we found about these later watching Hollywood movies and TV shows. Here’s a list of abbreviations we get to hear a lot in the TV shows.

  1. CSI- Crime Scene Investigation


CSI New York stars Gary Sinise. CSI (Las Vegas)

CSI Miami stars David Caruso

  1. NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

NCIS starring Mark Harmon


NCIS Los Angeles starring Chris O’ Donnell


Review of NCIS Los Angele starring Chris O’ Donnell


  1. CIA- central intelligence agency

Alias – Jennifer Garner plays a double agent with her loyalty lying with the CIA. Her CIA handler/love interest is played by Michael Vartan. Garner and Vartan dated a while in real life.


Review of Alias

Tribute to the romance of Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn in Alias

  1. FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation

V stars Elizabeth Mitchell who has to deal with aliens.

V Review

  1. NYPD- New York Police Department

We hear this one often. But ABC’s popular show Castle made a fun use of it in one of its earliest episodes. He tags along to the crime scenes with the police. Detective Beckett introduces herself as NYPD. Castle says: Rick Castle. Just NY.


Castle Review

Why Every Writer Should Watch ABC’s Castle

Yep, the formula is to combine the state abbreviation with the special department

  1. CTU – Counter Terrorist Unit


24 starring Kiefer Sutherland




  1. CBI- California Bureau of Investigation

OK, unless you are from California or watching the TV show The Mentalist starring Simon Baker, there is a chance you haven’t heard of that one. When one of the guys under arrest asks what the hell CBI is, one of the characters- Cho – says: It is like the FBI, only more conveniently located. Cheers to that.



Posts about The Mentalist

The Mentalist Review

Castle vs. The Mentalist – Comparative Review of the Two Addictive Shows

Use of Social Media in TV Series featuring Castle, The Mentalist, House, Cougar Town and NCIS Los Angeles

Tribute to TV’s 3 Most Brilliant, Emotionally Broken Men featuring Gregory House of House, Patrick Jane of The Mentalist and Jack Bauer from 24.


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10 Responses to “Seven Famous Organization Acronyms From Television Featuring Ctu, Ncis, Csi and More”
  1. Videomark says:

    24 was one of my favorite shows. I hope they make a movie.

  2. zoeyclark says:

    I think they will. It is featured on Kiefer Sutherland’s imdb profile. I want to see that too.

  3. Christine Ramsay says:

    An interesting post. I enjoy both Castle and The Mentalist. I remember Castle say just NY.


  4. PR Mace says:

    My husband and I are big 24 fans and we are looking forward to the movie.

  5. zoeyclark says:

    @Christine: Thanks. I am definitely addicted to both shows.

    @ PR Mace: I was a big 24 addict for the first 3 seasons. After that the concept did lose credibility but all seasons are fine if you treat them separately. I want to see the movie as well!

  6. I hoping to see the rest of the new V series. I did enjoy the 80’s version a lot till the later seasons. Alias was a great run.

  7. Great Idea says:

    Think about what you’ve read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Seven Famous Organization Acronyms From Television Featuring Ctu, Ncis, Csi and More? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs?

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